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Facebook adds Shared Photo Albums

facebook shared albumsJust a few minutes ago, our social media & client services manager, Chelsea Janke, was given a new feature on Facebook called “Shared Albums.” Upon review, we have created a pro and con list along with a how-to on using the new feature for our readers.

• Facebook now has the ability to add contributors to your albums so that you can consolidate pictures among friends and family. It will be a great feature to use for public albums of events, gatherings, and more.

• You can merge already created albums into a shared album with a single click option once the Shared album is created.

• The privacy settings change once you choose to have a shared album. There are now only 3 choices: Contributor Only, Friends of Contributors or Public. This was a huge red flag for our staff as many people have spent a lot of time and energy utilizing the privacy lists capability to sort their friends. For those of us who use Facebook not only for our personal lives but for work as well, we NEED lists to maintain privacy.


To create a shared album, you have two choices: 1) go to an already created album and the “Make Shared Album” box will appear in the upper left hand corner of that album when it is open or 2) create a new album and after uploading any photos into it the “Make Shared Album” will be in the upper left hand corner for you.

Once you have chosen to make an album shared, you will need to add Contributors to your album by entering their name in the dialogue box that opens when you click on the Make Shared Album button. You can also choose whether contributors can add other contributors – if you choose to allow them to do so, any contributors that are added will not need permission of the owner to be added (while this may not always be a bad thing, it did raise a red flag in the privacy arena). Your privacy settings will also change as we mentioned in the Con area above, there will now only be three options instead of your lists, Contributor Only, Friends of Contributors or Public.

add contributor to facebook shared album

After you are finished, click Save. This will notify any contributors added that they are not able to add photos to that Shared Album. A pop up notification will come to their Facebook profile, like this.

Contributor of Facebook Shared Album

If you are a contributor of a shared album and would like to add other contributors, you will follow the same steps. Note that once an additional contributor is added, only the owner will have access to delete contributors.

We hope this helps to guide our readers through the new Facebook Shared Albums feature. Please feel free to ask any additional questions that you may have regarding the feature and we will give further instructions as needed.

Published on: September 5, 2013