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MinnSPRA Conference Addresses Innovation in Changing Environments

MinnSPRA Conference Addresses Innovation in Changing Environments

The Minnesota School Public Relations Association (MinnSPRA) held its 2014 fall conference Nov. 13-14 in Roseville, Minnesota. The conference provided insight into the role of school districts’ PR systems amid the changing school environments today. 

This year’s fall conference featured five speakers who addressed impactful changes within the next five years, how schools need to change, the effects the recent election had on schools, and much more. Attendees of the conference also experienced MinnSPRA’s first UnConference, a new format that helped to create space for peer-to-peer learning, collaboration, and creativity. 

C.E.L. helps with bridging the gap that frequently exists between communications and technology, in order to bring innovation. Cindy Leines and Chelsea Janke attended the conference to meet and speak with school communications leaders to find out how they want to better tell their story, as well as to handed out our new cleaning cloths! 

Published on: November 17, 2014