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FTC passes new rules and regulations on social media

The world wide web has been a buzz with the newly passed rules regarding social media and full disclosure on blogs and other online marketing avenues.

A great new site has been developed to assist the full disclosure of materials.  It’s called and has derived a short link to be used in full disclosure making it easier to “comply” with the new FTC Rules and Regulations.  Here is a great key to keep as a way to remember the links to full disclosure clauses. Disclosure 0 –
No connection, unpaid, my own opinions Disclosure 1 –
Based upon a review copy Disclosure 2 –
Given a sample by vendor/agency/brand Disclosure 3 –
Paid Post – cash payment or other compensation Disclosure 4 –
Employee/shareholder/business relationship

COMING SOON… Disclosure 5 –
Custom Disclosure

In each box there is a description in more detail of what is covered under each disclosure area.

The FTC has a great site designed to better help you in understanding the rules and regulations as they are set forth and revised.  Here is a video that explains more about the new rules.

Click here to download the full text version of the endorsement guides.

( Disclosure 0)

Published on: November 23, 2009