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CEL and River of Goods Bring Light to Breezy Point, NY


When you walk through a storm
Hold your chin up high
And don’t be afraid of the dark.
At the end of the storm
Is a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of a lark

The words to this song from the Rogers and Hammerstein musical Carousel have never been as true as they were this past weekend when she visited Breezy Point, a New York town devastated by the rage of Hurricane Sandy. We share our experience and how it touched our heart in so many ways.

We had the privilege of accompanying Marco Bertranou, Vice President of Operations for River of Goods to this seaside community to give the gift of 200 lamps to first responders, firefighters and their families. River of Goods, a CEL client, is the largest distributor of Tiffany style lamps in the country.

As we stood shoulder to shoulder with firefighters, moms, dads and kids inside the Point Breeze Fire Station, they shared their stories of raging flood waters that ripped their houses off the foundation and fire that burned others to the ground. And yet, they said that our visit was evidence that people cared about them and the beautiful lamps they received serve as a beacon of hope for the future.

Matthew Brennan brought a lamp to his mother Cathy, whose home and all of her belongings are gone. The lamp is the first item she has to place in her new home when it’s rebuilt.

Fire Chief Marty Ingram, the man who led the Point Breeze Fire Department through a historic hurricane and 6-alarm fire said, “Divine intervention is the reason no lives were lost.”

Feeling lucky to be alive, the people of Breezy Point are holding their chins up high as they move forward, supported by the love and care of good friends and the kindness of strangers who have come to lend a hand or give the gift of light at a time of darkness.

We look forward to a day when we can return to the sandy beaches and warm hospitality of this town. When we do, we will look for the warm glow of 200 lamps that were turned on through the generosity of River of Goods.

We believe we brought one of the first glimpses of golden sky to Breezy Point and clearly that sky was filled with hope. In the words of Chief Ingram, “I feel surrounded by angels.”

KSTP Channel 5 Segment

Good Morning America Segment
(start at 01:45 to see River of Goods)

Published on: January 10, 2013