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Social Media Knows No Age

A recent posting on proves that no brand is too old to use social media to its advantage. This is a great example of how a company with a basic product (scissors!) got creative and built a social media community, raising awareness and revitalizing their brand.

Fiskars is cutting straight to the point with their social media strategy.

Fiskars was successful by realizing that it’s not about their products – it’s about their customers and what their customers create with their products,” said Marketing Maverick Caroline Melberg. “Too many people embark on social media with the idea that it’s all about THEM.  In order to sell something, they think they have to talk about THEMSELVES.  Instead of a series of less-interesting posts about how scissors are made, Fiskars got creative and told stories that their target audience (crafters) were interested in – resulting in positive awareness for the brand and revitalizing a 360 year-old company.”

Another element many people miss when beginning to use social media is the importance of engaging, fascinating content as a part of social media, or in other words, many underestimate the importance of having a social media strategy.  Fiskars strategically creates content that appeals to their desired audience by effectively telling their story and building relationships with their audience, which has led them to additional success via social media.

So how can you learn from Fiskar’s success and use strategic social media for your brand?

Published on: November 22, 2010