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Sesame Street Spoofs Popular Campaign

A short while ago we featured a blog about Old Spice’s successful viral campaign referred to as “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.” This campaign attracted quite a bit of attention online without the video hitting TV, creating buzz around the brand and sparking some funny spoofs – even a spoof from a famous children’s program. Watch Sesame Street’s video titled “Smell Like a Monster” starring Grover:

Smell Like a Monster video

Although Sesame Street might just be trying to get some laughs from viewers, they are actually doing Old Spice a big favor. By making this video they are drawing even more attention to the Old Spice campaign, exposing the video to their audience  who might not have seen the Old Spice original. This will bring even more viewers to the original, and can lead to a greater success for the Old Spice campaign.

What a great example of a viral victory. Have you seen any other examples lately of successful campaigns that started online?

Published on: October 11, 2010