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Celebrating School Communicators Day 2024

This year, School Communicators Day is May 10, 2024. School communicators play a vital role in keeping families, staff and communities informed and connected with their schools. Yet, often, their hard work happens behind the scenes. That’s why School Communicators Day is so important—it’s a chance to recognize these unsung heroes. Below we have some tips on how to celebrate the school communicators in your organization—and tips for school communicators on how to celebrate themselves!

Thank you School Communicators! Your ability to make connections and find common ground sets you apart. You encourage courageous conversations, creatively inspire others and empower school communities. Here's to embracing your originality, sharing your ideas, and igniting change. We're here to support you every step of the way! Your friends at CEL

When is School Communicators Day?

School Communicators Day is celebrated annually on the second Friday in May. Here are the upcoming dates:

    • May 10, 2024
    • May 9, 2025
    • May 8, 2026
    • May 14, 2027
    • May 12, 2028

Honor Your District’s Communicators

School Communicators Day is the perfect day to recognize the hardworking communicators across your district. Here are a few easy ways to say thanks:

🙌 Public Props
Write a shout-out to district communicators in a newsletter or on social media. Save them from the awkwardness of having to decide if they should write a thank you post to themselves. They celebrate everyone else in the district, and now it’s time to celebrate them!

💻 Virtual Recognition
Create a simple graphic/video highlighting communication wins to share internally.

💌 Appreciation Notes
Have principals/staff write brief thank you notes to their building communicator.

🍪 Snack Delivery
Who doesn’t like snacks? A handwritten note paired with an inexpensive snack is a great way to say, “I see you.”

Celebrate Yourself on School Communicators Day

As a school communicator, you work hard to share news, promote events, and highlight student/staff achievements. On this day, it’s your turn to be in the spotlight! But self-promotion can feel awkward. Here are some ideas for celebrating in a way that feels comfortable:

🤳Feature a “Day in the Life”
Give your community a glimpse behind the curtain by documenting a typical day as a school communicator through photos or video on social media or the website. They’ll gain an appreciation for all you juggle and enjoy a peek “behind the scenes.”

👯 Team Spotlight
If you have a marketing/communications team, highlight their roles, talents, and recent achievements. A team shout-out recognizes their hard work (be sure to include yourself!).

📊 Impact StatisticsQuantify your impact over the past year by totaling newsletter issues, website updates, social media posts,  events, photos, videos, etc. The numbers demonstrate just how busy you are and highlight how many amazing things are happening in your schools.

💬 TestimonialsInvite principals, teachers, parents, and students to submit short testimonials about how communication efforts make a difference for them. A kind quote can make your day.

School Communicator: proactive planner, brand building, message maker, web wrangler, community champion, and all other duties as assigned!

By celebrating School Communicators Day, you can raise awareness of your important role. Most importantly, enjoy this well-deserved recognition. We’re grateful for all that you do!

Published on: April 18, 2024