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Tell Your Story… Through Social Media

Social Media – or Real Time PR™ – is an essential element to telling your story because it allows you to engage directly with customers and immediately present important information.

One of our clients, Collaborative Law Institute of Minnesota (CLI), is doing a particularly impressive job utilizing social media to reach their target market. They update their blog weekly with original content and forward blog posts to Facebook and Twitter for heightened interaction.

CLI is conscious of current – or trending – events that are related to their area of expertise and make sure to address these issues in their blog. CLI specializes in divorce law so when Minnesota’s same-sex civil marriage legislation included same-sex divorce, they made sure to blog about this important and relevant topic!

Kudos to CLI for successful Real Time PR™ engagement! Social media is a great way to share the story of your experience and services with potential customers.

Do you want to follow CLI’s lead? Here are a few easy ways to make sure your story is shared on social media:

1)   Do you have a blog? Set it up to automatically forward to Facebook and Twitter. If you use Word Press, you can get a social media jet pack that allows you to prepare your social media posts right on the blog posting page. By sharing your blogs on social media, your costumers will be constantly updated on what your company is doing. Make sure your blog posts include a variety of different things (e.g. examples of your skillset, customer spotlights, company personality, discussion of trending topics).

2)   Forward your Facebook to Twitter. Linking your accounts this way will save you time and keep you engaged on multiple platforms. It will also drive traffic to your Facebook page from Twitter. ***If you do this make sure you only forward your blog (see number 1) to Facebook. Otherwise you will tweet the same thing twice. ***

3)   Share company history, successes, and updates on Social Media. When your company wins an award or establishes a new partnership, announce it on social media. Customers want to share in your successes. Don’t be afraid to get personal. Show a glimpse of what office life is like. Celebrating a team member’s birthday? Snap a pic of the celebration and post it! People like pictures – they will bring traffic to your social media sites.  For more traffic, make sure to connect business contacts to your social media sites through your LinkedIn profile.

Follow these steps to maximize the opportunity to share your story with potential clients.

Published on: August 20, 2013