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Wayzata Bar & Grill / Wayzata Wine & Spirits

The City of Wayzata hired CEL to rebrand and promote the opening of the new Wayzata Bar & Grill and Wayzata Wine & Spirits, aka “The Muni.” For 64 years, Wayzata Minnesota’s municipal liquor store and restaurant had been the hometown gathering place and now it was time to gather within a brand new building, just across the street.

The goal was to make the transition as smooth as possible for regular patrons, while maximizing the appeal of the new space to attract more business from outside Wayzata. We knew we need to honor the past and setting the stage for an exciting future.

CEL’s graphic design team created a new logo, menu and interior and exterior signs for the new Wayzata Bar & Grill and Wayzata Wine & Spirits. Photos of tantalizing wine, beer and spirits now catch the attention of drivers on Wayzata Boulevard.

We quickly settled on the right strategy to accomplish that goal and The Muni Move campaign came to life in the city, in the media, and in the streets!

CEL paid tribute to old memories by sharing patron stories and historic photos with the media. At the same time, we put the spotlight on the new by highlighting the wine tasting bar and placing certified wine sommelier and General Manager Gina Holman center stage. She shared her expertise with food, wine and spirits and her passion for serving patrons in what she fondly refers to as the “Cheers of Wayzata” and “The People’s Pub.”

Media coverage began 30 days before the grand opening with a Finding Minnesota segment on WCCO-TV and continued throughout opening day. Gina Holman paired wine, beer and spirits with Wayzata Bar & Grill food favorites live on KARE 11. The Star Tribune, Minnetonka Sun Sailor, Lakeshore Weekly News, Lake Minnetonka Magazine, Great Lakes Brewing News and ran stories on The Muni Move and KSTP-TV broadcast live for an entire morning from the new location. An aggressive social media campaign was also put into place.

The actual Muni Move day began with a fond farewell to the old space with a toast, followed by a ceremonial walk across the street. The procession was led by Wayzata Mayor Ken Willcox, community leaders, Muni patrons and the CEL staff who danced across the street doing the “The Muni Motion,” a song and dance number written and choreographed by CEL to the classic tune “Locomotion.”

By 7:00pm, more than 1,000 people had entered the new Wayzata Bar & Grill and Wine & Spirits. It was full to capacity with hundreds of patrons enjoying “The People’s Pub.”

Results? – On the day after The Muni Move:
•The number of entrée plates served went from 320 to 657
•Revenue from food, wine, beer and spirits went from $7,500 to $17,000

Published on: September 12, 2012