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Tell Your Story… On the Web

Every company has a story to tell. From your talented staff, specialized skillset, or unique expertise, your company has something that sets you apart from your competition. The key is finding the best way to share that story with your customers.

Now that everything can be “Googled” in a matter of seconds, the Web is one of the most important places to tell your story. Your website will most likely be one of the first things people see, so leave a good impression.

So what’s the best way to do that?

1)   Beyond showcasing your services, include an “About” section for telling your customers your business’ story. Go beyond the obvious and below the surface to share something unique about you that will help you stand out from your competition.

2)   Introduce your team members. Help customers get to know your entire team. Share staff stories and backgrounds to help people feel connected to your team as a whole.

3)   Create a blog. Include a blog on your website or host one off-site that allows you to share tips of the trade, show your skillset and highlight company and staff successes. This will give customers a glimpse of what is most important to your company.

We recently helped River of Goods, a Minnesota-based home décor wholesaler, create a website that told their story. Founded by Margie and Terry Commerford, River of Goods started as a street vendor in the back of a van.  Talk about a unique background!

Today, the company is run by a dynamic team, whose personalities shine throughout the River of Goods website. Each team member is introduced on the website and shares a piece of their own story.

River of Goods also established a blog, called the “Travel Journal.” The Travel Journal highlights the people and places around the world that inspire the company’s unique products, giving customers a chance to learn more about the products they are hoping to purchase.

River of Goods is a wonderful example of successfully telling your story on the web. Use your website to introduce customers to your business and your team, find what sets you apart from your competition and share that story. This will help ensure that you make the sale.

Published on: August 1, 2013