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C.E.L. Team Member Travel Tales

CEL is headed to Denver, Colorado to attend the Applewood Peer Group Meeting on behalf of Nexstar® Network. We will write an article on the event for Contractor Magazine, a leading trade publication for plumbing, heating and cooling home service contractors.

Nexstar conducts peer group meetings so members have the opportunity to see and learn from the best-run companies. Meetings are hosted by members who open their business, their books and their secrets to fellow members; owners and managers of independent plumbing, HVAC and electrical contracting companies. It’s three days of intense mentoring and participants walk away with tangible strategies that have led to documented success. Peer Group meetings set the standard and raise the bar for other professionals to live and work by.

We’re looking forward to capturing the essence of this event within the pages of Contractor. It’s always inspiring to visit the shops of successful Nexstar members with a strong commitment to mentoring and learning from other members through Nexstar’s incredible peer connections.

Published on: July 21, 2010