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Comment as an Admin OR Comment as Yourself on Facebook

Are you the administrator of a particular page on Facebook (for a brand or company) and would like to be able to comment on the page as the admin (voice of the brand/company) OR comment on the page as your own personal identity?

Social Media Strategist Caroline Melberg spells out the steps to take when you need to change your Facebook identity:

So let’s say Jane Doe is an administrator of the “Pretend Company” page on Facebook. If she goes to that page while logged in and writes a post/comment on the wall, it will show that the post is from “Pretend Company.” But what if Jane wants to write on the wall of the page as herself – so that it will attribute the comment to “Jane Doe”?

The default setting is that if you are an admin on a Facebook PAGE, then whenever you go to that page when you are logged-in and want to post, your post will come from “the page” – not you personally.

So, if you want to post on pages you are an Admin of as yourself personally, here’s what you do:

– Go to the Page
– Click Edit Page
– Click Your Settings
– Un-check the first box that says “always post as the page”
– Save your settings

Now, to post as the PAGE, you will need to click on the link on the right that says “use Facebook as ” and then you’ll be able to post as the page instead of as yourself personally.

One of the mysteries of Facebook, solved.

Thanks, Caroline!

Published on: May 4, 2011