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Do Awards Matter?

I grew up in a family and environment whose strongly held beliefs included that you do your best and be humble about what you do well. One didn’t expect or ask to be recognized with awards or notoriety. (How, you ask, did I decide to get into the promotions and public relations field? I’ll leave that discussion for another time…) However, I’ve since learned about the power of outside recognition.

The recent announcement of Plymouth, Minnesota as the #1 city in the country by Money Magazine has already made a difference in our business. Two days after the announcement, I made a call to the East Coast. For twenty years my response to the question of where our office is located has been “Minneapolis” as I found it easier than having to provide supporting evidence that an office in Plymouth, Minnesota had credibility. This time I decided to respond to the question “Plymouth” as the answer. Suddenly, the voice on the other end of the phone spent the next five minutes congratulating me on the award for our city and inquiring about details of the area and our services. This change in credibility all because an outside source found Plymouth, Minnesota to rank above other cities of similar size in a somewhat subjective perspective?

Perhaps awards DO matter.

Published on: July 28, 2008