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Top 5 Podcasts to Start 2020 Off Right

Podcasts have been all the rage recently, with good reason. They provide entertainment, education and are incredibly engaging. Whether at work, in the car or working out, listening to podcasts is an excellent way to gain insight for your own life. Check out some of our favorite podcasts to start 2020 off right.

1. WriteLane

To convince decision-makers about the value of a podcast, approach it as a LEAN start-up: low investment and efficient use of time. That’s the advice from WriteLane, with Pulitzer Prize writer Lane DeGregory, who just dropped its 100th episode. “Once a month, Maria and I head up to the hot and windowless studio on the floor above the newsroom and spend a couple of hours recording four episodes at a time.

The show drops on Wednesday mornings and is free on several platforms. On the Tampa Bay Times website, we include links to tip sheets and stories. WriteLane episodes usually run about 20 minutes. “Just enough time for me to walk my dog,” one journalism professor wrote.”

2. Three Women and a Bottle of Wine

Former journalists are always hungry for a good story! That’s why we love Three Women and a Bottle of Wine, with Lynn Melling, Kim Insley, and Julie Bartkey. From entrepreneurship to travel to health and finances, it’s everything you want to chat about with friends and a bottle of wine. We’re excited about an upcoming episode with Southdale Obgyn’s Dr. Annelise Swigert, set to drop in early 2020.

3. By All Means

What does it take to build a business? Change an industry? Lead with purpose? Twin Cities Business Executive Editor Allison Kaplan sits down with entrepreneurs and leaders who make business work in Minnesota—and beyond. Check out her podcast By All Means.

4. Way Beyond Ordinary Women Podcast

Want to hear from amazing women with ambition? Then Sheri Bennefeld’s Way Beyond Ordinary Women Podcast is right up your alley. Our leader, Cindy Leines, had the honor of speaking as a special guest. She shares two PR tips that every business owner needs and how to create replicable systems that help your business grow.

5. Creative Pep Talk

What’s your one word for 2020? Ours is CREATIVE. Our clients have incredible opportunities for growth in 2020, and it takes creativity to break through the clutter and reach the right audience with the right message. Creative visuals, creative messaging, creative problem-solving, creative FUN! That’s why we’re inspired by their weekly podcast Creative Pep Talk.

Do you have a different great podcast that didn’t make our list? Comment below your favorite podcasts to start 2020 off right! We love recommendations.

Published on: January 29, 2020