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DocAS App Benefits Professionals and Students

You might be looking for an app that allows you to view PDFs, write on them, convert to PDFs and annotate them, and take notes. This week’s SMI App of the Week allows you to do all those things right from your iPad!

DocAS is an app that allows you to take notes, write down your ideas, annotate PDFs, present and read your documents, record meetings or classes, as well as share all of your notes/documents on your iPad.

When creating a new document, the creativity and organization is all up to you. Whether you like to highlight through documents, draw boxes, or just use a red pen, DocAS allows you to highlight the important parts of your documents for later.

You can also convert Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, web page and other forms of documents into PDFs and annotate them. A very handy tool when you are on the go, or away from you computer for long periods of time.

The full version of the app with all the features mentioned in this blog and more, will cost you just $6.99. There is a DocAs Lite app that you can get for free. The Lite version allows you to still create new documents, take notes, and make your marks on them.

Published on: January 29, 2014