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A Founder of Facebook Launches New Site “Jumo”

According to an article posted online by The New York Times, Chris Hughes (who happens to be one of the original founders of Facebook) has created a new site called “Jumo” that was created to connect people with various nonprofits and charitable organizations.

Jumo’s logo from their website

Hughes stated that the site is meant to be similar to the way that Yelp is used to find and review reataurants, but Jumo will do this with charity organizations. The article reports, “The idea is to take the principles that helped Mr. Hughes organize a network of volunteers into a successful political force and apply them to a much broader universe of causes and issues.”

How is this site different from sites such as Causes on Facebook and Global Giving? “Hughes said Jumo would not be primarily about soliciting donations. Instead, he said, the site would first try to deepen ties between its users and their favorite causes,” reported The New York Times.


Marketing Maverick Carolinie Melberg thinks Jumo could have a powerful impact for good causes. “A lot of online activity that happens with non-profits is focused around driving donations, but not much has been done in the arena of helping them use the tools to build relationships with their supporters,” said Melberg. “If Jumo can get this right, this could be a big help to non-profits and donors alike!”


So what do you think of the idea? See the site for yourself and let us know.

Published on: December 1, 2010