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5 Simple Strategic Marketing & PR Tips for You to Reap Results in 2015

5 Simple Strategic Marketing & PR Tips for You to Reap Results in 2015

Business and consumer decision makers have a need for speed, and attention spans are shorter due to rapid changes in technology and responsibility overload in professional and personal lives. So, how do you grab the attention of your target market, make your pitch and leave a lasting impression?

Be clever

With multiple marketing and sales pitches popping up on any given day, it’s more important than ever to be clever and grab the attention of your target market. Invest in creative and captivating messaging and imagery, while being respectful of your brand.

Be authentic

What value do you bring to your customers? It’s not about you. It’s about them, so how can you give them what they need to make their lives easier and bring them success? The savvy customer sees through the hype to the ROI, so define it. Tell your story and call on your happy customers to tell their story of success with your company. Businesses and consumers will continue to proceed with financial caution in 2015, so you must proceed with greater accountability.

Be consistent

Chart your course with a good marketing & PR strategy that is consistent, but nimble. Consistency works and the old rule of thumb still applies; you have to tell someone something multiple times before it sticks.

Be nimble

If your marketing message isn’t sticking, you have to be ready to turn on a dime and make adjustments, based on response. The beauty of online marketing is that it’s now cost-effective to shift midstream, so if you’re not getting a good response rate or you’re not attracting the right customer, change things up!

Make it easy

We live in a soundbite society, so when you talk to your potential customers, keep it short and make it effective. This is true across the board from your website to printed materials; too much copy reaps loss of attention and too many steps are hard to remember. Make your call to action quick and easy, and respond immediately. Remember, people are used to getting what they want at the click of a button!


Published on: January 13, 2015