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Holiday Branding and Marketing For Social Media

If you are looking for ways to boost your social media, this is the perfect time of year to do so. The holiday season is here, with some of the biggest holidays for online marketing: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The holidays present a great opportunity for your social media strategy.

Social media has become a main source of sales in today’s world. Consumers are 71 percent more likely to make a purchase from a social media referral. So what can you do on your social media?


The holidays are just another reason and opportunity for you to brand your company pages. Decorate your Facebook  and Twitter cover photos with jack-o’-lanterns or Christmas lights, or incorporate your logo into a Thanksgiving dinner. No matter what you do, keep it appropriate, engaging and eye-catching.


Online sales increase almost every year, and in large part due to the creative, yet simple online marketing campaigns put on by businesses. It can be something as simple as a coupon for 10 percent off by sharing a status or liking a page. Depending on your social media budget–both time and money–you can create an entire social media campaign.


It may be one of the more important factors of your social media marketing. Whatever you do with your social media for the holiday, you want to make sure you keep a consistent message, and one that can lead the audience back to your business’s page in the future.

Have you started planning your holiday campaigns yet? Better hurry, it’s right around the corner!

Published on: October 29, 2013