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One Page School Communications Plan for Principals

Stay One Step Ahead

As a school principal, your role as a communication leader is pivotal, and mastering it can make a significant impact on your school community. So, simplicity is key. Your communications plan can be a one-page roadmap to keeping staff, students families, and community stakeholders informed without overwhelming them (or you). 

What to Include: The Essentials

Your communications may vary in purpose or audience, but there are key elements that every communication should include. 

    • Lead with Learning: Start with your mission and core values. Repeat them often. Celebrate your staff and students living your mission and values.
    • Key Contacts: A quick reference list (on your website and in the footer of your newsletter) can include your contact information, assistant principal, attendance line, counselors, and key support staff. Encourage open and direct lines of communication to resolve little problems before they get big.
    • Important Dates: Highlight key dates for the academic year and preview them each month with a link to an online calendar. From parent-teacher conferences to school events, this section keeps everyone in the loop.
    • Stories and Updates: Post news updates to your website and include teasers in your newsletters to read more. Whether it’s accomplishments, upcoming projects, or important announcements, this keeps stakeholders informed.
    • Be Predictable and Consistent: Identify primary channels for communication and set a consistent schedule. Whether it’s a school app, website, newsletter, or social media, provide links back to the web. Remember, when people search, they go to Google first. If information is not on your website, it won’t be found. 

Staff First

Don’t let your staff be surprised by news or updates. Make sure that all updates go to staff first and families second. Your team likes to be informed, and won’t appreciate learning things from students, media or second-hand.

The Visual Touch

Whether you use a newsletter program like Smore or send regular emails, make them visually appealing and easy to read. For most of our clients who track readership, families are reading on their mobile devices. Think mobile-first when creating your templates. 

Feedback Loop

Encourage feedback. A simple survey or suggestion box can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of your communication plan. Adapt and refine based on the needs of your school community. Good communication should be helpful, trustworthy, and timely. 


Your one-page school communications plan is your secret weapon. Keep it simple, visually engaging, and consistently executed. By staying one step ahead, you’re not just communicating; you’re building a community that is informed, engaged, and ready to thrive.

Don’t have a communications plan, or have a multi-page plan that isn’t serving you well? Give us a call, we’re happy to help

Published on: January 3, 2024