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Turkey Day Quiz!

Ready to test your Thanksgiving trivia knowledge? Take your best guesses to see how well you know your turkey day facts before checking the answers. These facts are provided by Give this short quiz a try, and reward your efforts with some delicious Thanksgiving food favorites!

1. According to the National Turkey Federation, ____ percent of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving.

2. The average weight of a turkey purchased for Thanksgiving is ____ lbs.

3. A turkey typically has _____ percent white meat and _____ percent dark meat.

4. The average person consumes _____ calories and _____ grams of fat on Thanksgiving.

5. _________ is the most popular pie for Thanksgiving.

6. Which one of these foods was NOT consumed on the first Thanksgiving: Potatoes, Dried Fruit, Lobster or Eel?

7. What well-known company is the credited creator of the Green Bean Casserole?

8. What US city is the host of the largest Thanksgiving race in the country?

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at C.E.L.!!!

Published on: November 25, 2010