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Technology Fuels the Job Market

There’s no denying that the creation of the Internet has changed our world completely. New forms of communication are greatly benefiting businesses, allowing them to run more efficiently and at a faster pace. When it comes to growing your business, the increased rate of technology has definitely changed the job market as well.

According to Poppy Harlow of CNN, one of the most sought after employees is one with a Computer Science degree.  This area of study is booming and doing very well in the fickle job market.  We rely heavily on these technology professionals to secure our server and help with any and all computer problems we experience.

It is amazing to think about the many ways that your business depends on technology. That is why New York University had a 94% placement rate for Computer Science majors last spring and why these students are confident they will find a job upon graduation, if not before.  With a starting salary around $66,000 and job security, this field is more popular than ever.

The creation of Facebook has inspired many students who “…want to create the next big thing that’s going to change the world,” says NYU Professor Evan Korth.  “Coding is the literacy of the future.”  These students are our future, and it looks like dependence on the Internet is not changing any time soon.

As new waves of students are taking advantage of the complicated world of technology in business, it encourages us to continue to learn about the ever-evolving nature of our business and the technology behind it.

How has technology helped shape your business and the way you services your clients/customers?

Published on: January 6, 2012