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The Royal Wedding – There’s an App for That!

Are you wishing you were able to stay updated on up-to-the-minute news on the royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William?  If you have a smartphone, you’re in luck!

The Star Tribune reported that there is a new application available for download that keeps you in-the-know for Britain’s royal wedding details – from photos to weather predictions for the big day. What’s making all of this possible? The instant news that’s posted on social media sites.

“It’s fairly lighthearted,” said the developer of the app, Mark Riley. “There are more modern elements in it as well, like social networking — you can share the facts on Facebook and Twitter.”

Whether you consider it to be hard-hitting news or just celebrity gossip, it’s obvious that social media is a major player in the world of mass media.

Published on: March 23, 2011