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Custom Icons for Social Media Sites

When I say ‘Twitter’, what image pops into your head? Is it a little blue square with a bird’s profile? How about ‘Facebook’? Do you see a lower case ‘f’? These social media icons, tied to their popular sites are just a few examples of effective branding.  These brands, like many others, morphed into small icons for smart phones and tablets and by doing so, they help build brand recognition – we know exactly what the app is just by looking at the small logo.

These same icons appear on most websites as a vehicle for connecting web viewers with the company or person they are viewing. When we design websites for our clients, we view social media icons as an essential part of the website – almost as important as a phone number for connecting people with the client.

Many people create custom icons for their websites. This customization allows companies to integrate the social media icons into their website design, using colors and images that are suited to their style. However, some companies have refrained from this customization option.

We are often asked by clients, “Why won’t you make us custom icon’s for social media sites?” Our answer – would you want a company changing your brand to meet their needs? At CEL, we are committed to creating brands for the marketplace in a creative, effective and lasting way. We work closely with our clients to develop brand recognition and we want to respect the brand recognition developed by others.

The brand recognition of familiar social media logos can work in your favor. The recognizable row of social media icons stands out on your page, so if someone wants to follow you on Twitter, they will look for the familiar white bird on your site. If you have altered this image, it may be more difficult for them to connect with you.

There are advantages to custom social media icons. They can be visually appealing and make your website look uniform. However, we encourage you to take advantage of the power behind their brand by leaving them in their original form.

Published on: June 27, 2013