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3 Tips for Interacting with Media on Social Media

ReportersSocial media has come to play a huge role in the work of the traditional media. Members of the traditional media use Facebook or Twitter as outlets to collect valuable content.

If your business isn’t on these sites, you could be missing valuable opportunities to connect and engage in order to spread the news about your products and services. Now, you can’t just tweet at a reporter, “Hey @johndoe, can you do a story on our new product?” Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

Here are three tips to help you get started on connecting and engaging on social media.

  1. Find and Follow. Do some research to find the reporters and publications that cover your industry, as well as services similar to your business. Once you find out who those people are, go follow them on Facebook and Twitter by searching their name. Some reporters will even include their social media information on their publication’s website, making it even easier to find them.
  2. Share and Comment. Reporters will typically be grateful to have their content shared, driving more traffic to them and their stories. So share their stories that are relevant to your business and comment on stories you enjoy, and you’ll more than likely get put on their radar.
  3. Don’t be annoying. In a more technical sense, do not spam reporters on social media. Don’t consistently harass media members hoping something will get picked up. It’s best to only pitch a reporter through a site like Facebook if you have a relationship with that reporter. Even then, you don’t want to overdo it.

On top of these important tips, it is vital to have your content and contact information up to date on your website and social media platforms. If any reporters do want to contact you, they’ll want to do a little research beforehand. If your content is out of date, it can hurt your credibility.

What social media engagement strategies has your business used?

Published on: August 9, 2013