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3 Tips to Consider When Identifying Your Personal Brand

3 Tips to Consider When Identifying Your Personal Brand

In today’s world many of our professions allow us to hide behind a screen, but whether in person or digitally we are defining ourselves and leaving impressions. Have you ever defined the characteristics of your personal brand? Most often we consider the impact of our business message, but for both owners and employees, it is important to be aware of what message our personal brand is saying.

Imagine yourself walking into a networking group, ready to mingle and chat business. We all know the first impression is the most effective and lasting. So what are we saying about ourselves and therefore our organization the moment we meet our first connection?

Here are three tips to be mindful of while designing and managing your personal brand.

  1. Know what consistent message about yourself that you want others to take away after you walk in the door, shake hands and part ways.
  • After all, we live in a small world and just like our organization’s brand message, we don’t want to send mixed messages of our personality that complicate our current or future business connections.
  1. Own who you are while demonstrating your skill set.
  • Most business professionals will see through a fake personality plus you may miss your chance to demonstrate your skills. Disingenuous professionals continually struggle to build and maintain lasting partnerships.
  1. Just like a brand’s logo and tagline, consider having a mark or phrase to help people remember you.
  • It could be as simple as the way you sign off in an email or text. OR, maybe even more elaborate like Tchotchke item that further defines you. If you like beer, a keychain bottle opener with a quote (not your organization brand) help you leave a memorable impression with your business card.

Treating and conveying your personal brand with the same regard as your organization’s brand will help you build lasting, effective relationships. Identify your brand, live you brand, OWN your brand.

Published on: June 3, 2016