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30 Years 30 Heroes: Ellen Timmerman-Borer

Ellen Timmerman-Borer is one of the most sincere advocates and influencers for people with developmental disabilities. We first met Ellen when Hammer, an organization that provides adults and children with developmental disabilities the opportunity to live life to its fullest, was not widely known within the communities they served. Today, Hammer has been around for 93 years and is continuing to improve the lives of the people from staff, volunteers, donors, and the families they serve.

Ellen started at Hammer as a direct support professional in 1982. Throughout the years, Ellen has worked in various positions but always with a smile on her face and energy for days that makes an endless impact on the people. Currently, the Chief Development Officer, Ellen, along with her senior colleagues, Lizbeth Armstrong and Kim Hansen and predecessor, Tim Nelson, evolved Hammer to be on the leading edge of support for people with developmental disabilities.

Outside of being a lead change maker and advocate for Hammer, Ellen is an outstanding community volunteer, Wayzata Person of the Year and force to be admired. Our world is a better place because of the advocacy and influence of Ellen Timmerman-Borer. Thank you, Ellen, for the difference you continue to make!

Published on: October 10, 2018