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App of the Week: Wunderlist

We are all busy. We all have our own way of time and task management. A lot of us make to-do lists, shopping lists, etc. In this day and age, we don’t have to carry a notepad around of all the things we have on our plates. Instead, our lists are easily accessible through an app on our phones, tablets and computers.

No worries, there is an app for you. Wunderlist has become widely popular among Apple and Android users. Here are a few reasons you should look into managing your tasks with Wunderlist.

  1. Ease of use. Wunderlist makes it incredibly easy to create lists quickly and start adding tasks to those lists. 
  2. The layout. Wunderlist allows you to layout your lists how you want them, make as many of them as you want and even change the background of the app to a color or design you prefer.
  3. Prioritizing. With this app, you can sort each list’s tasks in any order you want them, whether that means alphabetically, by date or by who they were assigned by (if you are a premium user). You can also star the most important things on your list so you can see them right away at the top when you open the app.
  4. Organization. Wunderlist organizes your tasks apart from the lists you create. There is an inbox for your current tasks, a starred list for all the tasks you have starred, as well as  “today” and “week” lists so you can look ahead to see what you need to get accomplished.
  5. Premium user option available. For $4.99/month or $49.99/year, you can be a premium account user. This can come in handy for businesses as it allows you to attach files to tasks, assign to-dos among your colleagues and friends, have unlimited subtasks and even more backgrounds for the app.

Wunderlist offers simple, quick way to manage all of your tasks, whether they be personal or professional tasks. What do you think of Wunderlist? Do you have any other ways you manage your time and tasks?


Published on: September 5, 2013