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Jason DeRusha Asks, “Can Brands Change Our Self-Image?”

In one of Jason DeRusha’s “Good Question” segments on WCCO 4 News, he posed the question, “Can Brands Change Our Self-Image?” Not only is this a complex question, but it also reveals some very valuable answers that many brands and businesses should keep in mind.

In the segment, DeRusha used the example of the University of Minnesota researchers who sent women into a mall with an unbranded pink shopping bag and another group with a Victoria’s Secret branded bag. Those with the branded bag “rated themselves more feminine, glamorous, and good-looking” than those who were carrying the unbranded bag.

So could the results of this study just be a coincidence that wearing or using a specific branded product can make you feel different about yourself? Watch the segment and let us know what you think about how brands affect you.

Published on: December 2, 2010