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River of Goods Launches New Website and New Brand Identity

We’re happy to announce that CEL client River of Goods recently launched their new website on

This wholesale home décor company is the largest importer of Tiffany style lighting and is headquartered in St. Paul, MN. The River of Goods team members have a passion for products, people and places, and building relationships is in their DNA.

The River of Goods website is a true portrayal of their company’s unique products, their team expertise, the brand personality and the new River of Goods showroom. Through the Travel Journal blog, visitors meet the people and places around the world that provide inspirations for the designs.

In addition to the design and copywriting for the website, CEL provided a marketing strategy, the redesign of their logo and brand identity, creation of print materials, and social media customization and training.

“The initial challenge was to take the identity of River Of Goods and completely give it a facelift with a modern, contemporary, and clean look,” reports Scott Rogers, CEL brand specialist. “I started the logo by using a more modern typeface combined with an artistic brush stroke through the letter ‘R’ to give the impression of a flowing river. Adding that artistic element to the logo was very important to River of Goods as all of their products they sell are created by an artist/designer for the initial composition – just like an art piece.”

Throughout the creation of all of the River Of Goods marketing pieces, including the website, CEL maintained that same clean and contemporary look letting all of the beautiful and colorful products “pop” off the page.

Congratulations to River of Goods on the brand enhancements!  “Like” River of Goods on Facebook and keep apprised of their journey.

Published on: May 31, 2013