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Social Media Content: Create or Curate

If you spend any time at all studying what success online looks like, you’ll eventually stumble across the phrase, “Content is King.”   This refers to the idea that in order to succeed online, you must create killer content.

While I agree with the importance of relevant, engaging content in terms of your success online, I also realize that there are some industries where regulation limits to some degree your ability to create the amount of content needed for success on social media with the frequency you need to create it in order to see results.

It also can be very time consuming to create relevant, interesting content on a daily basis, and oftentimes business owners don’t have the time or the staff to dedicate to the task.

So the question is, if you can’t create killer content (either due to regulation, lack of time or just a lack of creative inspiration), how can you create enough “Social Authority” to be effective?

One solution is to become a “curator” of reliable content created by others who speak and write about your industry.

For instance, financial services companies face strict regulations regarding what they can and cannot post online.  However, there is a ton of information available online (and more published every day) related to topics that financial services clients are interested in learning more about.

By becoming an “aggregator” of consistently reliable information, a financial services company could strategically utilize social media to build awareness for themselves and be considered an expert in their field, without ever creating content of their own.

Caroline Melberg

Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Strategist


Published on: March 9, 2011