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SMI Tip of the Week: Claim Your Facebook Page(s)!

According to, Facebook is now allowing businesses to claim their brand/company Pages as their own. This will ensure that companies have administrative rights to Pages for their brand, instead of keeping the rights with the creator of the Page. The site reports that distinguishing the true owners of various companies could be a time-consuming challenge for Facebook, but it will be a valuable benefit for many companies.

For example, let’s say Starbucks Coffee has a branded Page created by the company itself, but there are other Starbucks Pages that were unofficially created by Facebook users for Starbucks.   Reps of the brand can now click on “Is This Your Page?” at the bottom of the community Page for their brand and apply for control of that Page. Pending a review by Facebook officials, the company may be able to take over the Page as their own. This will help businesses control their brand image and brand identity by correctly controlling their messages.

Published on: November 15, 2010