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Is your company just another name or does it have BRAND RECOGNITION?

Remember Mikey?… little “Mikey” portrayed the popular child actor who hated everything. “Let’s get Mikey” to try LIFE cereal was the popular commercial gaining consumer confidence through humor and candid truth. Ironically those LIFE commercials were so liked, they were the longest continuously running commercials depicting the same ad campaign, ever aired. Wow.

According to, your brand is the sum of everything your organization is, says, and does. Hopefully when it is recognized there is a core sense of trust, value and integrity drawn from a name that has staying power. How does a company get to this point? There are some key factors to consider, one of which would be brand experience.

According to Tres Lund on  “We want to offer our customers sensational shopping experiences each time they visit any one of our stores.” For the most part, customers agree that their brand persona matches their experience. In that brief moment when the consumer encounters a brand, there is something transparent yet possibly reflective happening. Comfortable and familiar brand messaging can meld, mold and integrate so well into the environment that it may lose its “punch.” A successful brand statement, while also harmonizing with its environment, connects emotionally with prospective buyers as a reflection of who they are and what is important in their lives.

According to the Emotional Branding Alliance LLC, and Marc Gobé, author of Emotional Branding and Emotional Branding 2.0, “Social network dialogue reveals the growing expectation people have for brands to become more “human” – not literally but figuratively. In fact, through our research and 20+ years of Emotional Branding, we have found that when it comes to brands, people will form perceptions in much the same way as they do when assessing people.”

What brands do you most remember and recall?

Published on: October 19, 2012