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CEL Founder Nominated for 2011 Entrepreneur of the Year!

The TwinWest Chamber of Commerce has nominated our own Cindy Leines, Founder & Strategist, as one of three finalists for Entrepreneur of the Year for the 2011 “Journeys of Curiosity” Small Business Awards Luncheon. The event will take place this Tuesday, May 24th. The winner will be announced at the luncheon, and the C.E.L. team will be there as well to support Cindy.

“C.E.L. was founded with a focus on teamwork,” said Cindy. “We are able to better service our clients and reach goals because of what we have to offer as a team, not as individuals.”

Please follow this link to read more about the luncheon and the nominees in this month’s issue of the TwinWest Chamber’s Directions:


Cindy Leines, Founder & Strategist

Published on: May 18, 2011