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Personal or Business, Pictures Can Tell Your Story

photo: Krista Reynolds, Never Miss a Moment

As a photographer and visionary myself, it’s hard for me to imagine not sharing images. This world we live in today is so visually-based. We’re able to see what people all over the world are eating for breakfast, which is totally crazy, but incredible.

Let me ask you this: The last few times you scrolled through Facebook or Twitter and saw a written post without an image attached, did you read it? Yes, of course we all read the baby announcements and proposal stories, but when we just see our friend Dave post about his great trip to Mexico we may feel like, “meh.” But, if Dave posts a group of images to go along with his great trip, then we’re more likely to check it out.

The same is true with business today. The Internet is full of options coming at you fast, but when those options are paired with photos that grab your attention, you’re more likely to slow down and take a good look. Having your business branded with well-done photography not only gives your clients a better idea of what to look for, but it gives them an idea of who you are.

I am a big believer that you are your business, so why not put your best face forward? Show images that speak to people and show off personality, humanity, and make you relatable. Images can make or break your entire online business presence in today’s market, and it is not something to take lightly.

People today want to see as much as possible before they invest. That’s why the details matter! Being a wedding photographer, I pay very close attention to the details. My goal is not only to get great images for my clients, but to tell their story. Whether I’m photographing a wedding, a family, or a birth, I’m always trying to tell a story through the images. So what story is your business telling to others? Remember, a picture really is worth 1000 words.

Published on: June 3, 2014