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Apple Passes Up Google in Brand Value

According to an article posted yesterday by the Los Angeles Times, Apple has surpassed Google as the “world’s most valuable brand.” While Apple’s value rose to $153.3 billion over the last year, Google’s value dropped slightly to $111.5 billion. How did Apple do it? One word: iPad.

“In the last quarter of 2010, Apple sold more iPads than Mac computers. The iPad, which quickly met competition from other tablet makers like Samsung, helped Apple pass Dell and HP in total portable computer sales. An Apple cloud would further strengthen the brand as a trinity of platform, content and device.”

It’s evident that our world highly values technology, with four of the five top-ranked companies in the technology industry; IBM comes in third in brand value, fast-food chain McDonald’s fourth and Microsoft fifth. Coca-Cola was ranked in fifth last year in the 2010 standings.

If the desktop computer was being replaced by the laptop, is it already possible that the laptop could soon be replaced by the tablet? It looks like Apple would say “Yes!”

Read the full article by the Los Angeles Times.

So what’s your company’s brand value?

Published on: May 10, 2011