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Marketing to Multiple Generations: Capturing & Holding Attention

Marketing to Multiple Generations: Capturing & Holding Attention

Strong marketing has the power to educate, motivate and call your target market to action. But, if your target market crosses generations, how do you speak to all, especially within a budget that doesn’t allow for multiple campaigns in numerous locations? Let’s start by recapping the expectations of each target market:

Baby Boomers
•According to Nielsen, they will soon control 70% of disposable income
•Don’t call them old. They don’t feel old and they don’t want to be perceived that way
•Avoid small size fonts
•Maintain trust and keep promises

Generation X
•According to American Express, Generation X has the money/desire to shop
•They are an untapped market. This is due in part to being labeled as “slackers,” but the reality is they make good money, have a desire to provide for their families
•They want lasting value from what they buy
•They want to play it safe and feel secure

Generation Y/Millennials
•They expect connectivity and instant gratification where they live, work, and play
•They want timely and relevant information about products and services.
•They are a primary source of information on products and services via social media
•Prefer unique and individual marketing messages, not sales pitches

So, how do you pull it all together and tie it up with one big, red bow?

  1. Find the common dominators and speak to them – Be concise, visual, entertaining and sell benefits rather than features.
  2. Repurpose content in multiple ways – for print, web, social media, and video to
    hit all targets.
  3. Cater to all as much as possible – This is easily accomplished within website design. Linksters, Gen Yers, and Gen Xers want minimal copy, but Boomers like to get to the heart of the matter. So, build a scrolling site with minimal categories and copy, but provide links to deeper information for those who wish to take a deeper dive.
  4. Reach customers where they are – use tools and tactics to reach customers where they live, work, dine, and shop.
  5. Use images that appeal to all – Infographics speak across generations because they’re short, sweet, and colorful. They’re clear and concise on younger end direct for older generations. Win-win!

Published on: January 11, 2016