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Welcome to Google, Kansas!

If you went on your computer to visit Google this morning, you might have notice a unique April Fool’s prank – Google changed its name to “Topeka” just for the day. Funny joke or creative media-stunt?  Talk about branding at its finest!

Google Turns Topeka

Google decided to switch their name for a day after the Mayor of Topeka thought it would be fun to change the town’s name to “Google” for the month of March.

While Google reps have stated that they meant it to be a funny joke and are not trying to show favoritism to the city, several city officials and local newspapers are calling this a “big hit” for Topeka.

This stunt has caused a massive amount of buzz and curiosity for both Google and Topeka. So how can a “virtual John Doe” become an overnight sensation?  One way is by creatively seizing a timely opportunity that will gain effective exposure for the brand.

Do you think Topeka deserves the bid?

~ Kelly Isaacson

Published on: April 5, 2010