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A Key Change to Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm

A new change to Facebook may help brands and their engagement levels. Past algorithm changes to Facebook’s News Feed have hurt some brands, particularly smaller brands, by limiting reach and ultimately hurting engagement.

However, the newest change to Facebook gives those brands hope. Now, when a Page tags another Page in a post, followers of both pages will see it in their News Feed. For example, our post about the Minnesota Golden Gophers hockey fan that appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon would reach followers of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’s Page, because it was tagged.


This feature opens great possibilities for brands to be seen by more people, increase their engagements and possibly gain more followers. It’s not a guarantee of more people seeing your post. Facebook implies the content still needs to be high quality, and something the users will want to see. It also doesn’t mean you should tag a major brand in each of your posts to try and get more people to see it.

Continue to create timely, quality content to put on your Facebook Page and tag other Pages when it’s appropriate.

Published on: February 25, 2014