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Pros and Cons of Facebook’s Paper App

This week’s SMI App of the Week is Facebook’s new Paper app. It’s hard to ignore when a social media giant releases a new app. On Feb. 3, Facebook released it’s highly anticipated Facebook Paper app. It grabbed the attention of most as some anticipate it may be able to replace the Facebook app someday. That day doesn’t look like it would come anytime soon, though.

Facebook Paper’s purpose is to give its users the opportunity to see important updates from their Facebook timelines (also get notifications and messages), to the latest in news headlines, to funny stories and cute animal pictures. Early on, however, there are plenty of positives and negatives to the new app.

Pro: The app has the modern, clean look and feel to it that users are becoming accustomed to. After a quick introduction editorial after downloading the app, it is fairly easy to navigate through the app.

Con: No personalization. The only “sections” you get to see besides your Facebook, are the ones Facebook has created. It is not like a Flipboard app where you can customize your news and pick the stories you want to see. The Paper app decides that for you.

Pro: You can have all Facebook mobile push notifications come from Paper. This makes everything easier to take care of in one app if you prefer.

Con: If you’re one who prefers to keep up with the most recent activity on your Facebook News Feed, you’re out of luck. As of right now, Paper doesn’t allow you to choose, and simply gives you the top stories from your Facebook instead.

Pro: The ease of sharing any news is as good as any. Whether you want to share a news story from your “Headlines” section, a cute kitten picture from the “Cute” section, or just a new personal status update, sharing with your Facebook friends is quick and simple.

Con: What about your other friends? Besides connecting a story-saver app like Pocket, Paper does not allow you to share to any other outlet. Not a big surprise that an app run by Facebook wouldn’t allow you to share with Twitter, but what about email at least?

So far, the app probably isn’t having the success Facebook would have hoped. But, as always, there’s room for improvement to win over the audience. Will you get Facebook’s Paper app? If you already have, what do you think of it? Leave your comment with your thoughts!

Published on: February 5, 2014