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PR Tip of the Week: Your Elevator Speech

What’s your elevator speech? No, it’s not actually about elevators. What I’m asking is if you were to sum up what you do or what your business is all about in just one to two sentences (roughly the time you share with another person on an elevator), what is your key message? It might not be easy to summarize, but it’s great to be prepared for those short encounters with other people – who might be prospective clients.

Having trouble formulating your key-message speech? Here’s a tip: don’t try to include every single aspect of what makes your business great – that would be far too in-depth and excessive for an elevator speech. Instead, try to include two or three of your most important goals, maybe part of your mission statement, or just a couple of your strengths that make your business unique and successful. Whatever it is, keep it simple.

If you’re a business owner thinking that you know exactly what your key message is, can you say the same for every member of your team/company? Remember that every employee is a reflection of the company as a whole, and clients often formulate their opinions of a company based on one experience or interaction with an employee of that company. Make sure each member of your team correctly and effectively represents your business and its solidified message.

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Published on: August 23, 2010