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Finding the Secret to Success for Small Business

I have noticed lately that successful businesses don’t do business with other companies simply because they are the cheapest option, or because they promise to be the fastest – the quality of the work and customer service are what count. I talked to Cindy Leines, Founder and Strategist at C.E.L., about what she has seen as an example of a successful small business that she chooses to work with for those very reasons. She gave me the example of one company’s secret that begins with its founder, Joseph Reilly. Joseph “Joe” Reilly is the President of Payroll Control Systems and the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce 2010 “Entrepreneur of the Year.” So I had to ask, what do Joe and his team have that gives the company success?

Cindy was very confident in the fact that selflessness and generosity are two of Joe’s characteristics that have led to success for Payroll Control Systems, which is a leading provider of payroll, payroll tax, time & labor, and human resources solutions in the Upper Midwest. A business owner herself, Cindy is aware of the challenges that a down economy can bring. But even in hard times, Joe has never made an excuse, nor has he compromised quality of work or customer service.

“Joe is resourceful, and he’s a giver,” Cindy said. “He is always willing to go above and beyond for others, and I will continue to do business with them because of their honesty and their quality of work.”

Joe’s recent award for “Entrepreneur of the Year” proves that there is more than just a handful of people who, along with Cindy, will vouch for Joe’s character and his business. It also proves that selflessness and generosity are two things that no business owner should be without.

So what do you think leads to success for small business?

Published on: June 10, 2010