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Shock Value of New Nokia Ad

Is there a secret to making a video go viral online? Sometimes it’s because of humor, and other times it’s simply because it involves a newsworthy topic. But what about the idea of using a weird form of shock value to grab attention? That’s just what Nokia has done in one of their latest advertisements – it’s a “disturbing” video, according to the Star Tribune, that will most likely leave you confused.

Watch the video.

If the doll head turning around to face backwards made sense to you, what did you think about all of the loose doll legs flipping around?

Yes, the internet and social media sites allow you to effectively reach your target audience, but who is this ad trying to reach?

Tell us what you think — is the “disturbing” video actually an effective ad? Or do you feel like you just wasted your time watching a weirdly-haunting clip?

Published on: June 1, 2011