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From Meathead to Meatballs: Randy Moss Leaves Minnesota Again


Kudos to Tinucci’s Restaurant in St. Paul for making meatballs out of a meathead incident!

According to the Star Tribune last week, former Viking Randy Moss slammed the food Tinucci’s served up for the team, exclaiming out loud, “I wouldn’t serve this to my dog!”

Well, hopefully he and his dog will leave with their tails between their legs as they head for Tennessee after being released from the Vikings.

Tinucci’s on the other hand, can stand proud as they stand up for their product and offer a free lunch to the first 50 people to bring in and donate Randy Moss gear between noon and 2pm on Friday, November 5th. And, you guessed it, it’s the same buffet Moss “dissed” last week. As result of this clever public relations move, they’re getting a buffet of print, radio and television coverage and they’re drawing in a sympathetic crowd of new patrons. Let’s face it; we Minnesotans don’t like it when people don’t appreciate a good meal! And we get even more worked up by bullying!

I commend the Tinucci family for a public relations job well done!

Published on: November 4, 2010