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Flipboard Acquires News App Zite

Flipboard has announced they have acquired Zite and will be working with their team, as well as CNN, to create an “unparalleled personal magazine” for all readers.

There are no details as for what may come out of the deal. CEOs of both companies released statements today. Zite Co-Founder Mike Klaas said, “Together, we’re going to build the most wonderful place to read news that has ever existed.”

Klaas confirmed that the Zite app will indeed be shut down, but says the two teams will be working together in order to get the best features of Zite into Flipboard before that occurs. Zite will continue to be supported by their team until the transfer. Klaas said of Zite users, “what Flipboard saw in us, you saw first. We hope you come with us and help us shape the future of news.”

Flipboard acquired Zite from CNN to help address issues heard from its users according to Flipboard CEO Mike McCue. The main issue McCue points out is users wanting “easier and better ways to discover content about the things that matter…”

According to the release by Zite, it could be a minimum of six months before the app is shut down. What do you think of the announcement?

Published on: March 5, 2014