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Setting goals… reaching goals.

Sarahrunning_revOne can’t reach the goal if you’ve never established what the goal is in the first place!  Business & Estate Advisers partner Sarah Kaelberer put her goal-setting into action and ran her first race in Kauai, Hawaii.  She crossed the finish line surrounded by the natural beauty at the Grand Hyatt Hotel and Spa on Kauai.

Congratulations Sarah!

Sarah and business partner E.  Dennis Zahrbock were in Kauai participating in the Top of the Table “Embracing Change” conference at the resort on October 7-10th.  Sarah, Dennis and partner Steve Bowman have all achieved membership in the Top of the Table, Million Dollar Roundtable.   The Top of the Table recognition is a prestigious accomplishment and recognizes the top 4% of financial advisers in the country.

Following Sarah’s footsteps, I’m now setting my goal for a race in 2010.

~ Cindy Leines

Published on: October 30, 2009