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App of the Week: Flickr

You may ask yourself, how can Flickr benefit a business marketing strategy? Maybe you have pictures of products, services and other portfolio work that you want to display. Whether that means you display it on a conference room TV, on a blog or in a Facebook post.

Flickr allows accessibility, sharing and organization with your photos. With the Flickr App, you or anyone you allow to organize your account can add photos from anywhere from their mobile device.

With the most recent iOS update on Apple devices, iPhone or iPad users can now choose to have the pictures they take automatically upload to the Flickr account they have connected. This could be convenient for someone who wants to keep an up to date Flickr page for online marketing purposes, without any hassle and time of uploading them.

Does your business use a service like Flickr in your online marketing?

Published on: October 10, 2013