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Cindy Leines Featured at Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Executives Mini Institute

C.E.L. Founder & Strategist Cindy Leines is currently presenting a breakout session titled “How to Develop a Plan and Maximize Returns for your Chamber on Social Media Sites” at a conference for the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Executives Mini Institute in St. Cloud, MN.

Cindy will be sharing advice on how to maximize results and returns by utilizing some of the most basic social media platforms. While some internet users still see social media as a simple hobby, Cindy will explore the benefits of using social media as a powerful business tool to help you make direct connections with your desired target audience.  Along with Caroline Melberg of the Social Media Incubator, Cindy will share inside advice on making social media a marketing vehicle for chambers.

We’ll talk to Cindy after the presentation to find out more about the event – stay tuned!

Published on: June 2, 2011