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How Do YOU Offer a Brand Experience?

Lexus is a great example of this, earning JD Power’s highest customer satisfaction rating for years, with a generous portion of earnings based on how the customer literally views Lexus. It’s likely you can describe the Lexus brand experience.

Building a reputation based on trust, ideals, morals, emotional integrity or customer expectations defines your brand experience.

Let’s go deeper… why do we trust JD Power and Associates as a leader in the marketing research arena? According to, they have been around since 1968. They established a trust and rapport with auto dealers based on dealer attitude studies, as well as connecting with the consumers based on customer satisfaction studies. is a non-profit organization that has been around for several decades, serving and advocating for people with developmental disabilities. Updating their brand and expanding it to their travel business was critical to their growth and evolution. When thinking about their tag line, it’s more than a random phrase…it’s what happens every day within their organization.

They’ve built a reputation based on trust, ideals, morals and emotional integrity – Always knowing who they are and being honest in how they present themselves to others.

As a customer, what do you think is an important factor when “experiencing” a brand?

Published on: October 19, 2012