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“Sherpa Brand” Firms Guide Customers to Success

Arnold Worldwide recently exposed a growing trend: eighty-one percent of people across the globe are looking for a company that provides guidance to consumers. These brands – labeled “Sherpa brands” – understand the customer’s goals, provide them with the tools they need and enable customers to celebrate their achievements. By doing this, companies develop more positive relationships with consumers and help ensure the staying power of the brand they help create.

As a marketing and public relations company, it is our job to understand the underlying purpose and goals of the customer. Striving to be a true “Sherpa brand” our company is on the continuous journey of helping customers develop marketing and PR strategies that are creative, effective and long-lasting.

Often the relationship between a “Sherpa” firm and their customer begins with developing the customer’s brand identity.  Bringing tools to the table and guiding customers is critical to delivering long-lasting branding results. The process of building the brand can be as important as the final results.  Paying attention to the process and the relationships with a clear understanding of the target market(s) and their needs is essential. The unveiling of the new or refined brand is cause for celebration of the company achievements – and brings increased morale and relationships.

The power of the “Sherpa brand” is in the guidance process and delivering results. A long-lasting brand is one that works closely with the customer, listens to their mission, and develops an understanding of their brand as viewed by the customer.

Take, for example, the creation of the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce tag line “Setting the Standard. Leading the Way”. Three consultants worked with the Chamber Board of Directors more than 15 years ago to listen, interpret, and create the tag line that best represented their position in the marketplace. The TwinWest Chamber of Commerce tag line is a perfect example of the staying power of a brand.

When a Sherpa brand marketing and PR company listens to a customer’s goals, they can develop a brand that embodies the company for years to come. With a stable brand, companies are able to focus on other aspects of their marketing strategy and successfully utilize all the tools provided by their Sherpa brand marketing partner.

Just as a good Sherpa guides a mountaineer, a reputable marketing and public relations firm will guide their clients along the path of their project, helping them understand each step and encouraging them to celebrate successes along the way.

Published on: June 13, 2013