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30 Years 30 Heroes: Joe Reilly

Joe Reilly’s entrepreneurial story started as a young boy growing up in Chicago and continues today as founder and owner of PCS Human Capital Management. No one can tell his story of integrity, compassion, and risk-taking better than Joe himself. According to Joe, it all started with a racehorse. One day, his parents decided to take a chance and put $20 on their favorite horse – and at the time $20 was a lot of money and put food on the table. This horse was a long shot, but to everyone’s surprise, that racehorse came from behind and won. As the radio announcer declared this exciting win, Joe vividly remembers them all jumping and cheering in the family kitchen. From this, Joe says he learned that sometimes you just need to take a chance and always believe in yourself.

Joe kept this philosophy with him as he founded and became president of Payroll Control Systems (PCS), a Minnesota payroll processing and human resource management services company. He took all the chances he could to get the company rolling, including pawning his wife’s wedding ring to make payroll in his startup days.

Today, PCS Human Capital Management is a leading provider in the Upper Midwest and the largest independently owned business of its kind in Minnesota, Arizona and Wisconsin. Beyond his success in business, Joe is known for his compassion and care of the people that work for him and his companies. Throughout his journey, Joe believed in himself and never gave up. He has lived by the Rotary motto “service above self,” has been a mentor to many, and actively involved in chambers of commerce. We at CEL first met Joe Reilly in 1999 through the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year award and soon became lifelong colleagues and friends.

Thank you, Joe, for the opportunities we’ve had to work with you, for your friendship, and as recipients of your counsel.

Published on: October 18, 2018